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Game-Loader mini-mod:

Because Night Hunters Xatrix requires you to replace your Xatrix/gamex86.dll (or gamei386.so), we have released Game-Loader. 

Game-Loader is a simple Quake2 'mod' that allows you to specify what game DLL to load on the Quake2 command line. 

The main source program, plugin.c is a slightly modified version of Zarjazz's plugin source code sample from Barrysworld, the author of  BW-Admin.  The only addition is the cvar used to specify what DLL to load. 

I have compiled and released this program for use with Night Hunters Xatrix, but it can be used with any mod. 

Game-Loader does NOT provide ANY added functionality for Quake2.  It is only used to specify what DLL to load when starting  Quake2. 

Game-Loader would be used when you want to run two servers which need to be run from the same directory, but different DLL's need to be loaded. 

For example:  You want to run a Xatrix server AND a Night Hunters Xatrix server at the SAME TIME.  Both Xatrix and Night Hunters  Xatrix must run from the quake2/xatrix folder, but they both require DIFFERENT gamei386.so / gamex86.dll files to be loaded.  That  creates a problem... 

Another example would be with CTF.  You could run two different CTF mods from the same quake2/ctf folder. 

Here's an example of how to run a Night Hunters Xatrix server with Game-Loader: 

quake2 +set game_dll gamex86.xatrix.dll +set game xatrix +set dedicated 1 +set deathmatch 1 +exec nhserver.cfg

If you don't plan on running your own server, you probably don't need Game-Loader.  If you already run a Xatrix server and would like to  also run a Night Hunters Xatrix server, then give Game-Loader a try.  You can download it from the Files section. 

Very little testing has been done with Game-Loader, so please give it a try a tell me about any problems.  It appears to work with  BW-Admin.  Hopefully it will work as well as I hope it will. :) 

You can download the files from the Download page.