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This place seems familiar but you can't tell.  There is no light except for the sky and the glow of ammo, and medi-packs dropped from the supply drone ships. You turn on your personal light, it works but it seems to be buzzing, maybe it got damaged in the drop.  Looking around you try to find a safe place, unfortunately your light makes the surrounding darkness even thicker.  Glancing up you see a fellow Marine using his light as well, thinking it might be safer you shut your own light back off.  Seeing the other Marine's light glide across where you are standing you wonder which is safer, comforting light or concealing darkness.  Suddenly, the other Marine's light goes out but not before you see his body reduced to steaming giblets.  You crouch .. it is pitch black .. a sound from above .. a slight breeze across your face .. a glimpse of something moving over head (a supply ship going by?) .. a growling sound from near by .. BLAM a depleted Uranium slug smashing through your brain pan.  Your mistake: you hesitated. 

        Near the end of the Stroggos war the Marine Corp had started development on a genetically engineered Marine that had extra-human abilities, a "super Marine", code named: Predator.  The war ended and the project was to be terminated, instead the product terminated those who had created it.  Now the Predator is loose and we need to hunt it down.   Sources state that upon killing the predator if any of its blood gets on the killer they will become a predator as well.. 

        ...Welcome to /\/ight ]-[unters 

Night Hunters is now at 1.51 and currently comes in two versions:  regular Night Hunters, and the new Night Hunters Xatrix (NHX).  NHX REQUIRES that you own Quake2 Mission Pack 1 from Xatrix.  NHX is identical to regular Night Hunters except it allows you to play on the Xatrix maps and use the new Xatrix weapons!  For NHX to work, you must follow the directions in the NH-Xatrix-readme.txt file in the xatrix folder.  Both versions are combined into the one download listed below.

If you plan on running both a Xatrix server AND a NHX server, you should also check out Game-Loader.

Current features:
Flashlight Available to both Marine and Predator 
  Marine's light will illuminate themselves (RED) as well as where they are looking (GREEN)
  Predator's light only illuminates where it is looking (BLUE)
Infrared Available to both Marine and Predator 
  Pick up IR Goggles and see all warm bodies Glow
  (replaces Quad and Invulnerability on all maps)
Flare Available to Marine only 
  A standard weapon, throw it like Hand Grenade, given a few at the
  start, no more can be picked up
Report (* new!) Available to Marine only
  Will report where you have seen the predator from, like the CTF command
Gunscope Available to Predator only 
  Switchable Zoom setting 1X 2X 4X and 8X
Overload (*new!) Available to Predator only 
  Uses 2 Rockets and does double damage
Teleport Available to the Predator only 
Two modes:
   -Panic, hit RECALL key only in first few seconds of predators first start and re-respawn
   -Escape, ANCHOR some place safe (or not) then RECALL to it, just once
Air Acceleration Available to the Predator only 
  Predator is given extra jumping abilities
Regeneration Available to the Predator only 
  Predator will regenerate Health and Ammo at a slow rate
Weapon Restrictions Marine: None, may pick up anything 
  Predator: Uses modified Rail Gun and Rocket Launcher only, can not pick up any weapons, ammo or armor

      Windows archive:
            [ nh1-51.zip ]

      Linux archive:
           [ nh1-51.tgz ]

         Both of the above archives contain the same files - just one is ZIPped, the other is done with Tar/gzip.

         To run a server read the included readme.txt Quick Starts section. 


 For servers and clients, extract files to your QUAKE2 directory. A NHUNTERS directory will automatically be created. 

  **Clients  - The autoexec.cfg will be overwriten, back it up as needed
  **Servers - The nhserver.cfg will be overwriten, back it up as needed and check over new variables

Commands to bind (defaults):
REPORT ( "Q" key)
GUNSCOPE ( "V" key)
FLARE ( "F" key)
OVERLOAD ( "O" key)
ANCHOR ( "E" key)
RECALL ( "R" key)
MENU ( "M" key)

 The above bindings are included autoexec.cfg config file in the client.  You can also type 'setup' at the Quake2 console after connecting to a Night Hunters server to have the above keys automatically bound.


     -The predator is killing Maines..

     -All Marines are hunting the predator, at night. 

     -The predator is 66% transperant, not invissable, allowing it to blend into backgrounds.

     -The new predator has its own model now, "nhpred". Marines can freely be any Player Plugin Model (PPM).
        The server Admin can also set the default Marine to -one- model/skin to anything they have or leave it free. 
        (You may need to check the "Menu/Models Used" when you join, to see what is being used)
        (Keep in mind some player models may look like the predator model and cause all kinds of trouble)

     -There is only ONE predator, and it is selected: 
        Either at random on Game start or the current Predator leaves the game, if a marine 
        kills the predator, then the marine becomes the predator. 

     -When using the flashlight, space marines can be heard (by a little buzzing sound)
        and seen (they glow from the power being used). Unfortunately, you can't go
        through the level without using the flashlight.
         (The Light is GREEN and they glow RED)

     -The predator's light scope is much dimmer than the marine's, but you cannot 
        see the predator when it's using it (just try it, you'll see). (Its Light is BLUE)

     -The predator's gunscope works like a regular gunscope, zooming in on an area. 
        The marines do not have access to this. (Its a toggle, 2x, 4x and 8x, then back
        to 1x, normal)

     -The predator makes no sound while running, and cannot be hurt no matter how far 
        it falls. (Falls and Jumps do make a sound)

     -The predator gets 5 health, 1 slug, and 1 rocket every 10 seconds. 


     -Marines score 3 points, and then becomes the predator himself. 

     -If a marine kills another marine, he loses 1 frags. 

     -If a marine kills too many marines then two penalties are progessively invoked!
        1. Kill a few too many and you start to GLOW, default is 3.
        2. Kill more marines and you get auto-kicked, default is 4.
             -Both- are based on your LAST 5 minutes, if you killed your first 4min's ago you will glow for 1min.

     -The predator scores 1 frag per kill (of marines). 

     -The predator loses 1 frag when it is killed. 

     -If the predator kills himself, he loses 2 frags. 

     -If anyone's score goes below -10, they get kicked. (They must be doing something horribly wrong!)

And supporting Web Page http://www.planetquake.com/nighthunters

Check out the Night Hunters TIPS page for some good tips on playing in the dark..